Temporary Position-Social

Mon, 31 Oct 1994 07:51:54 +1300

Position Opening--Temporary Lecturer
Department of Anthropology
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

We have an opening for a full-time, temporary lecturer in social cultural
anthropology. Specialty and geographic area are open, but applicants
should have a PhD and some teaching experience. Lecturer is roughly
equivalent to Assistant Professor in the US system; the salary range is
NZ$38,000-NZ$50,000/year. The appointment will run for 11-months,
beginning 1 February 1995. Lecturing begins in March.

Teaching responsibilities for this position will be assisting in the large
100-level course in the first semester, teaching a 300-level course for
senior undergraduates in the second semester (two lectures/week plus
tutorials), and doing a full year seminar (no lectures, just reading and
discussion) for Honours students (a 1-year postgraduate degree, which also
serves as first year of MA programme). The appointee may choose the
content for the 300-level and Honours courses, preferably their own
specialty, as long as this does not directly overlap with something we are
already offering in 1995. These courses may be on the same subject since
students cannot enrol for both.

For further information, or to apply, contact:
(preferably via e-mail, please say temp lecturer in subject line):

Dr Diane Bennett
Chairperson and Senior Lecturer
Department of Anthropology
Victoria University
PO Box 600
Wellington, New Zealand

e-mail: Diane.Bennett@vuw.ac.nz
fax: 64-4-471-2070
voice: 64-4-495-5264