Re: Rushton and Sherwin not analogous?

Sat, 29 Oct 1994 21:24:55 +0000

>In any case, Rushton's and Shirwin's comments are not analogous.

They are, in one sense. They both attempt to make specious arguments with
equally lacking amounts of evidence.

I find the theory that "melanin deprivation" (which, as someone pointed
out, is a meaningless term, since we all have the same amount of melanin in
our skin, just with different distributions) would lead to moral and
psychic (?) deficiencies equally as crackpot as the one that brain and
penis size should be inversely related.

Of course, Marius was the one suggesting that Hicks agrees with Welsing.
Maybe he doesn't; but I haven't heard him say otherwise.

Oh, and not to split hairs, but I do think that Hicks is "prejudiced"
against white people (i.e. he has a prejudgement against them that they are
more intrinsically inclined toward violence and conquest, based on a very
selective reading of historical evidence) even if he is not "racist,"
according to the racism = prejudice + privilege position...


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