PLEASE look, S&N. Carolina

Heather Young-Leslie (youngl@FHS.CSU.MCMASTER.CA)
Sat, 29 Oct 1994 11:25:14 +0500

This has been posted to a couple of other lists, appologies for overlaps.

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Forwarded text begins:

Yesterday, in South Carolina, a man forced a woman out of her car at
gunpoint. He then stole her car & wouldn't let her get her 2 small
children out of the backseat. He told her he wouldn't harm them but he
didn't have time to let her get them. She is going crazy with fear, worry
& grief! Authorities believe he was headed for North Carolina. Please
keep your eyes peeled for a 4-door, red or burgundy, Mazda Protege (1990)
with the South Carolina tag #GBK167. Please pray for this situation &
pass this message along to other listserves if you can.
Thanks a bunch!
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