Call for Papers

Fri, 28 Oct 1994 12:00:03 -0700

Call for Papers:

"Queerly Phrased"
A Collection of Articles on
Lesbian, Gay, and Transgender Language

edited by Anna Livia and Kira Hall
University of California at Berkeley

Hello all,

Anna Livia and I are in the final stages of preparing the volume
"Queerly Phrased," a multicultural collection of articles on the
intersections of language, gender, and sexuality. We are, however, still
looking for papers in two areas: (1) We would like to include more
articles which specifically address queer language use among speakers
of minority languages in the United States (e.g., American Sign
Language, African American English Vernacular, Latino/a language
use, Asian American discourses, or code-switching phenomena); and
(2) outside the U.S., more articles which address queer discourse in
languages *other* than English and hexagonal French. We are
accepting papers of varying lengths, both full-length articles (20-30
page, double-spaced), and shorter essays (10 pages, double-spaced)
which concentrate on more narrowly defined areas, e.g., the use of a
particular lexical item or linguistic mannerism.

If you are interested in contributing to the volume, we ask that you
notify us of your interest as soon as possible. We need a one-page
abstract by NOVEMBER 10 and the articles themselves by the end of
December. Since this is a repeat Call, we will not be able to extend the
deadline for full articles beyond December 31, 1994.


Kira Hall
Department of Linguistics
University of California at Berkeley

The original Call for Papers went out as follows:

Feminist discussions of language have brought the topic of
gender to the forefront of recent linguistic analysis. In this
volume, we seek to extend this analysis to include sexuality
and gender identity. The collection will explore the
relationship between language and gender positions in a variety
of cultures and language groups, representing the diversity of
language use within queer culture. We are looking for papers
which incorporate recent developments in queer theory and
feminist theory, as well as papers which draw on more
traditional models of language analysis, in order to establish a
place in linguistics for queer studies.


Abstracts should describe what the paper is about in
approximately 1,000 words, outlining the approach, the
theoretical base, analytical tools used, and conclusions drawn
(however tentative). In addition, authors should submit a
biographical sketch of up to 500 words in which they describe
their academic or other affiliation, research, and publications.
The sketch should include a brief statement relating personal
background to the topic of study.

Please address all queeries and correspondence to:

Anna Livia, Department of French, 4125 Dwinelle Hall,
University of California at Berkeley, 94720 (e-mail:; fax: 510-642-2194; telephone
510-658-4192); or Kira Hall, Department of Linguistics,
2337 Dwinelle Hall, University of California at Berkeley, 94720