Sherwin P. Hicks (V935CF54@TEMPLEVM.BITNET)
Fri, 28 Oct 1994 12:20:12 EDT

When I posted my "emotional" message back on October 16 or 17, I was met with
some hostile replies. I was told I shouldn't present myself in such an ugly
manner on Anthro-l. Well, I must admit I said a few things I shouldn't
have said, I offer my apologies to all parties who were unjustifiably

However, in defense of my "emotional" outburst and finger pointing I give
the airing of "Prime Time Live", the promotion of scientific racialism,
as my worst nightmare come true. The good people on Anthro-l believe in
"polite politics", well, I'm sorry to inform you well mannered people
the damage has already been done. The book is out and the media blitz is on.
Your "polite insistence" of scientific proof was a waste of time. The t.v.
interviews, the magazine articles, the newspaper articles and the conversation
on the NET were performed in their favor due to the "polite" stance of the
interviewer and/or participants.

Polite debates/politics equals(=) Success for Pseudo-scientists

Future generations of skin-heads will now have additional tools of reference.
Let's not forget the politicians who will be influenced by this material (now
they have scientific proof to cut ALL forms of help to African-Americans). I
feel like cursing all those who told me to "tone down" and to "hold back", even
on their side and there was nothing "polite debating" could offer which would
stop it. Whether the information is true or untrue is
irrelavant at this point, it's a building block for the next generation of
Rushtons. I'm sure the new Rushtons will gain MORE ground because the
opposition will be "polite" (uneffective). How can
anyone phantom winning a battle against a well-mannered mad man by being nice.
These people are out to kill the African-American race and
America doesn't want to get emotionally worked-up.....great. I say
the exhibited level of emotion is directly related to the amount of concern
regarding this material...a logical hypothesis, yes?? How can anyone
castrated on national television remain calm? How anyone
finds the nerve to ask people who were castrated to remain calm is an even
bigger mystery. "Polite politics" helped these people sell their books
and promote their theories. It will be policy of "polite politics" which sets
the stage for the total annihilation of the African-American race.

I would like to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart and I also
thank you in advance on behalf of my potential children and

I know where the road of "polite politics" leads. It's time to WAKE-UP!