Re: The Bell Curve

Fri, 28 Oct 1994 09:28:33 CST

Hi all,

No, I did not catch Murray on Prime Time Live but I did see him on
Night Line last Friday night. Coppel and a sociologist from Yale (or
Princeton) did do their best to find holes in his research/study.
The **SAD** thing about all of this is that Murray is getting enormous
national media attention and because he is being portrayed
as an "authentic academician/researcher", many people are going to
"believe" his arguments or at least think they are credible. In
addition, because his book has received so much attention and is so
controversial, many people will buy it just to read it making him a
(ghast!) **MILLIONAIRE** if he already isn't one. Pretty clever,

Perhaps some of us should think about a rebuttal book (I'm

Kathy Thoma
National-Louis University
Office of Institutional Research