ARIT Permit Review

Thu, 27 Oct 1994 12:43:32 EDT

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Subject: Review of Applications for Excavations and Surveys
in Turkey, 1995

ARIT will continue to conduct the review process initiated last
year for excavations and surveys in Turkey, at the request of
the Turkish Ministry of Culture, General Directorate for
Monuments and Museums. The policy is part of an effort to aid
the General Directorate in making well informed decisions on
applications coming from abroad. The Directorate is
particularly concerned about the credentials of scholars who
have previously worked little if at all in Turkey, about the
scholarly integrity of the project, and the financial prospects
for seeing the project to completion.

Individual applications for archaeological research in Turkey,
e.g., to study museum collections or to record architecture
outside the context of an excavation or survey, would
continue to be made directly through the Turkish Embassy in

The deadline this year for submitting project descriptions to
ARIT will be November 15.

Project statements and accompanying materials should be sent
directly to ARIT Headquarters: The University of Pennsylvania
Museum, 33rd and Spruce Streets, Philadelphia PA 19104-6324
(telephone: (215) 898-3474; fax: (215) 898-0657.

A timetable for processing applications and application
format and directions are available from the ARIT office as
above. Please direct specific questions regarding the review
process to:

Professor G. Kenneth Sams
Department of Classics
CB #3145, 212 Murphey Hall
University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill NC 27599-3145

Telephone: (919) 962-7191; fax: (919) 962-4036