Bitter War..Chagnon

Wed, 26 Oct 1994 23:31:21 EDT

26,1994 headlines (front cover, table of contents page w/photo, and big
spread with enormous photo of Chag looking vaguely Yanomamo-ish or perhaps
more like Robinson Crusoe) what it calls /Bitter Warfare in Anthropology/.
Turns out we are warring not about the new direction of the AA or the
contributions of Rushton, Murray, et. al. but about who said what about
the Yanomamo (or Yamomami) when and, of course, who is right. Pulled in
are: sociobiology, rapacious miners, potentially libelous missionaries, and
a tribal spokesman (not -person) whose authenticity is questioned.
Not to denigrate or diminish the real seriousness of the Yanomamo
dilemma---as distinct from our dilemma as a profession or Chagnon's dilemma
as the Yano. authority---BUT 1)how does this relate to the hooks thread? or
more broadly to the public perception of anthropology Or to the perception
of anthropology within the academy? .....AND....
2)is there a mini-series here (do we want there
to be ?) and if so, who will play Chag? the hero/villain......
cheers.....Denise O'Brien