1995 meeting of the Social Science History Assn

Caroline Brettell (cbrettel@SUN.CIS.SMU.EDU)
Wed, 26 Oct 1994 14:57:39 -0500

I have been charged with putting together some panels (through the
"Culture" network) for the 1995 meeting of the Social Science History
Association. Unfortunately, these meetings will be in Chicago on the same
weekend that the AAA meetings are in DC. Nevertheless I thought there
might be some anthropologists out there who might be interested in the
SSHA meeting (especially those in and around Chicago). Here are some of
the ideas for panels.

1. Bourdieu for Historians: empirically based papers applying the theory;
questions about class, culture, social mobility.

2. We had a session this year on Anthropologists doing history. Another
next year.

3. History as a cultural construction

4. Material culture

5. The cultural turn in historical methods, salvation or hell.

6. cultural genres. This year there was a session on the crime novel.
Another panel on the analysis of a type in different contexts. What about
the Peasant novel.

If this messages sparks any interest out there please contact me. The SSHA
meetings are at the Palmer House in CHicago, November 16-19, 1995.

Caroline Brettell