ethnographic field schools

William M. Loker (wloker@RA.MSSTATE.EDU)
Tue, 25 Oct 1994 17:35:42 -0500

Several folks have asked for information on ethnographic field schools
In response to an earlier post on this topic I received the following
1) Noel Chrisman said that Alan Burns at U Fla has an EFS in Mexico

2) M. Council responded that Drs. Roberta Baer and Christine Ho of
Univ of S. Fla may run an EFS in Caribbean this summer (95).

3) Tim Wallace of NCSU, Raleigh says he may run an EFS in Hungary
in Summer 95. Contact him for details.

4) The University of Houston *may* have EFS/internship
opportunities. Contact Norris Lang, chair, Dept of Anthro. U Houston.

5) Indiana U of Pennsylvania runs a field school focussed on the
impacts of globalization on northern Appalachia. Appalachian Summer
Field School, Contact. Jim Dougherty, Dept of History, IUP, Indiana, PA
15705 for more information.

6) George Saunders mentioned the possibility of anthropological
study of the British Isles from a study center run by Lawrence Univ
(Wisconsin). The study center is located in London. Contact for more info.

Other possibilities including various int'l study abroad type
experiences, Int'l internships and experiences as diverse as Peace
Brigades Int'l or Pastors for Peace in Minneapolis, MN.

As a final note, I think we are doing our undergraduate students a large
dis-service by not providing more opportunities for ethnographic
training. Archeological field schools are very popular and provide
important professional experience. What about EFSs?

Thanks to all who provided information. I can not guarantee its accuracy.

Bill Loker