John Stevens (8859jstev@UMBSKY.CC.UMB.EDU)
Tue, 25 Oct 1994 15:25:10 EDT

discuss a few issues that I've come upon just in reading ethnography. The
commonalities they share are that (a) both subjects are religious rituals;
(b) both ethnographers took a rather idiosyncratic approach to their material;
and (c) both address colonialism in their own peculiar way. The subjects are,
respectively, the Native North American Ghost Dances of 1890, and the Sri
Lankan healing rituals known collectively as *yaktovil*; their observers are
manifold, but I'd like to focus on four ethnographers in two opposing sets:
James Mooney and Alice Kehoe on the GD, Bruce Kapferer and David Scott on
*yaktovil*. Mooney's approach was