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Arne G Carlsten (agc@PINE.CSE.NAU.EDU)
Mon, 24 Oct 1994 19:05:49 -0700

On Monday 24 October 1994 Sherwin Hicks wrote:

"Hello!!!! Wake up before answering.
I suggest you do a little more research in this area before answering next
time. Begin by picking up an encyclopedia. This will usually state
the ethnic background."

Mr Hicks:

I am aware of the ethnic backgrounds of these peoples. I haven't yet seen
any evidence however that _you_ have bothered to pick up an encyclopedia.

A quick synopsis:

The Turks and Azeris (Turkmen) are usually considered to be Asian
The Persians commonly have dark skin, darker at any rate than "Europeans"
(Are we starting to see part of the difficulty of defining "race" and
"color" yet?)
The North Africans are of varying skin tones, many dark.
The Japanese and Chinese are Asians.
The Angolans, Mozambiqueans and Zairians are Africans.
The Greeks, Balkan Slavs, Armenians and Portuguese are Europeans.
The Huns and Mongols are usually considered Asian, though their armies were
apparently a thoroughly multicultural affair.

Now, are you going to respond to this, or merely continue with the

Arne Carlsten
Northern Arizona University