Re: Summary: Race

Sherwin P. Hicks (V935CF54@TEMPLEVM.BITNET)
Mon, 24 Oct 1994 11:55:02 EDT

I don't understand why men, of any racial make-up, would attempt to
make slanderous statements regarding women. Women
have been mistreated by men since the beginning of time.
Is someone going to tell me I'm wrong about this one??? I don't think so!!
I mention this because there have been a few remarks equating the
treatment (mistreatment) of women, by men, to the issues of racism we've
discussed thus far. All men should shut their mouths and admmit the
only true superior beings, on this planet, are women!!!!!

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On Fri, 21 Oct 1994, Jim Barnes // PD-AC-L wrote:

> For those of you who joined us late or have lost the thread of this
> discussion of race and intelligence, I present a recap:
> 13) Only white people can be racists. (Therefore: #12 above is true only if
> Sherwin Hicks is white.)

If this is derived from my post, it is logically incorrect based on my
definition (which you all may--more likely may not--agree with)

> 18) White women are incapable of understanding oppression.

I cannot express the extent to which I hope that I'm missing something
here, but if this is any reference to me, what does my gender have to do
with it? Should I unsubscribe to this list because every time I disagree
with someone, it will be linked to my gender? I don't notice any
similarly gendered remarks viz. the men who posted.

I am thankful that Jim wrote "white women" because at least he
seems to believe that it's possible for women of color to understand
oppression. Otherwise we'd be left with men being the only ones who
understand oppression (anyone willing to argue that?)

The gendered remark is (from a more academic, anthropological
perspective) an excellent example of the way that race and gender issues

> Have a nice weekend.
Well, if I've actually been attacked on the basis of my gender in what
seems to be a primarily male list it isn't as nice a weekend as I'd
hoped. Gee, I really feel put in my place now! I defer to the greater
wisdom of the men who really understand oppression. I'm off to bake some
cookies now while all of the (mostly white??) men have this discussion
that little 'ol me can't understand. Does anyone want some coffee while
I'm up?