Reality check on racism, oppression, etc.

Rebecca Joseph (josephr@IIA.ORG)
Sat, 22 Oct 1994 20:16:57 -0400

On Sat, 22 Oct 1994, Arne G Carlsten wrote:

> There's more than enough oppression and victimization to go around.

That's for sure. However, *debating* who has suffered more at the hands
of whom, when, and where does *nothing* to relieve the innumerable
indignities great and small experienced daily by all kinds of people all
over the world that are rooted in the intense hatreds harbored by others.

May I suggest that we 1) break for some air, 2) put personal
sensitivities and disciplinary axes aside for a few minutes, and 3)
(re)commit ourselves to taking concrete action to acknowledge and
alleviate the suffering of others, by which we are all diminished.

Some on this list will label and dismiss this view anti-intellectual. So be
it. If this whole sordid thread has demonstrated anything, it's that we
can't afford to leave the activism to someone else.

Becky Joseph