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On Fri, 21 Oct 1994 16:43:04 -0400 (EDT) you said:
>On Fri, 21 Oct 1994, Sherwin P. Hicks wrote:
>> Theoretically speaking, it's not possible for anyone with melanin in their
>> skin to enforce racist policies because they lack the economic, and
>> tools.

>Well, it appears you've found one possible tool, eh Sherwin? Although
>lacking enforcement, you've done pretty good at being a racist.
>Not, I'll make it clear, that Rushton's crap is welcome on ANTHRO-L either.

\WHAT ?!!???

\Do me a favor, find documented proof my assertion isn't correct.
\I await your proof. My theories are easily enforced, watch World News!!!
\Everywhere one finds economic, political, social, and educational
\of People of Color, it has been at the hands of the "melanin deprived".

Two examples:
1. The slave trade
"Traders on the African coast acquired their slaves in various ways. Most
of them, perhaps as many as 80 percent, were captives taken in wars.
African states fought frequently over territory, succession, and commerce.
Some nations, such as the Asante, extended their power over neighboring
states on the Gold Coast during the 18th century and took captives in the
process. As one trader observed, 'Most of the Slaves that are offered to us
are Prisoners of War, which are sold by the victors as their booty.'
Others likely to be sold into slavery included debtors and those convicted of
such crimes as homicide, treason, and theft."
Colin Palmer William Rand Kenan, Jr., Professor of History at the
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Nat. Geo Sept. '92 p 72.
In short, this,the selling of people, is black oppression on blacks for
the sake of power, commerce and "justice".

2. Rwanda
Six months ago Rwanda's Hutu-led Government slaughtered hundreds of
thousands of Tutsi. Now they are at it again. The new tutsi-led goverment
is "systematically harassing and killing Hutu" (N.Y.T Oct. 22. '94 p14 "Again,
Killing in Rwanda")

Your melanist viewpoint is not surprising. It is the result of mixing
politics (racist politics in this case) with factoids. The natural result of
this mixing is blame rather than knowledge, and from blame to violence. It
is a very regressive thought process. In hoc signo vinces.

"As Black people, we also can adopt the definition that under the conditions
of white supremacy, black manhood does not mean macho or money, but
instead it means *warrior* or *soldier* against white supremacy,
embracing everything that the words warrior or soldier imply. Those who
do not wish to be warriors or soldiers should not procreate themselves, as
their offspring can be expected to be destroyed by white supremacy anyway.
This is by no means a definite statement on black response to justifiable
homicide. but it is an attempt to elevate the discussion on this specific
white supremacy war strategy. Further discussion amongst black people
will help define all necessary black behavioral response." (Francis Welsing
The Isis Papers p. 192)

To quote B.F. Skinner again
"Science is a willingness to accept facts even when they are opposed to

\Where do you find the opposite?????? I've answered your question, it's
your turn to answer my question???

\Please don't go off on some tangent because you aren't able to find an
\If you're not able to find any enforcement for your theories, admit it!!!!!!!

\This is a challenge to everyone!!!!!!!!

\All replies welcomed.