Summary: Race

Jim Barnes // PD-AC-L (barnesj@SMTP.LMS.USACE.ARMY.MIL)
Fri, 21 Oct 1994 16:51:00 -0600

For those of you who joined us late or have lost the thread of this
discussion of race and intelligence, I present a recap:

1) J. Phillipe Rushton wishes to sell a book
2) Race, intelligence, violence, and hatsize are correlated
and genetically determined.
3) The concept of race has no biological validity (Note: If you wish to
continue this discussion, please ignore this statement)
4) White people are smarter than black people and Asians are smarter than
5) Black people and Asians are more violent than white people.
6) The bigger your hat, the smarter you are.
7) If you wear a small hat you can get smarter by trying harder.
8) Steve Mizrach does not like J. Phillipe Rushton.
9) Aaron Fox is under a lot of stress but will feel better when his
dissertation is done.
10) Sherwin Hicks _really_ doesn't like J. Phillipe Rushton.
11) Black people aren't really violent. It's white people who are violent
and are responsible for all evil and corruption in the world.
12) Sherwin Hicks is a racist.
13) Only white people can be racists. (Therefore: #12 above is true only if
Sherwin Hicks is white.)
14) Whites are morally deficient due to a lack of skin pigment.
15) Whites are not responsible for all of the violence and oppression in
in the world.
16) "Yes, you are!"
17) "No, we aren't"
18) White women are incapable of understanding oppression.
19) Sherwin Hicks does not own a horse.
20) Because of the civil rights movement, African-Americans are now free to
be racists.
21) If you are an Asian, analysis and discussion of your racial
characteristics has been sadly neglected by bigots of all colors.

Based upon this discussion, I've decided that a) I'm going to buy a
10-gal. hat, b) the Land of Mordor must lie just outside Oslo, and
c) the discussion of race and intelligence will probably continue to
resurface every 20-30 years.

Have a nice weekend.

Jim Barnes
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