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Michelle B. Golden (mgolden@UNIX.CC.EMORY.EDU)
Fri, 21 Oct 1994 11:33:46 -0400

Racism is a form of oppression, which means that it is that is structural.
That is, it is a set
of beliefs and practices **backed up by societal institutions.** Given that,
Sherwin's message isn't racism. This "reverse discrimination" thing
really gets under my skin, not only because it's off-base, but because it
demonstrates a total lack of understanding of what oppression is (which
means that Marius doesn't even understand the language he's co-opting.)

M Golden (

On Thu, 20 Oct 1994, Marius Johnston wrote:

> Reply
> (I am waiting to see if THIS bit of racism gets the same treatment as was
> dished out by many to Rushton.)
> Message 4/21 From Sherwin Oct 20, 94 08:48:28 pm
> \I'm sick and tired of the negative messages being posted regarding
> \African-Americans. I would like to propose a new topic for discussion.
> \The topic.....RACISM!! Yes, that's right, I said RACISM!! More
> specifically
> \white supremacy. It's obvious to me that there are many non-blacks who
> \consider themselves superior to African-Americans but, it's odd so many
> \non-blacks spend so much time attempting to reassure themselves of this
> \fact.
> \The amount of time devoted to this issue is a direct indication the
> \existing sense of inferiority felt by those placing an extraordinary effort
> \onproving themselves superior.
> I suspect you best speak to yourself on this issue.
> \ Why not investigate the Cause/Effect issue of white supremacy???
> \Why
> \has the white man (the minority calling themselves the majority) ruined
> \life for all People of Color throughout the entire world???
> They did? A rather broad and bigoted statement don't you think? Your use
> of "people of color" is another symptom of your problem. It is a racist
> construct that has only one characteristic, skin color. If the category of
> race is suspect, certainly the category of "people of color" is ridiculous. I
> hope this list gives this notion the same treatment, yet more so, that it
> gives to those who use the term "white race" or "black race".
> \Additionally,
> \why are white people now trying to legitimize their economic status
> \through pseudo-scientific measures (the race and I.Q. debate)?
> It is amusing that you turn to Francis Welsing
> \Could it be they're trying to sweep their dirty past under te rug??
> \Anyone using an encyclopedia would be able to discover what race of
> \people has the longest list of hideous crimes in its past. Murder, rape,
> \theft, economic oppression, religious persecution, educational
> \restriction,and political oppression along with a host of other distasteful
> \acts only nicks the surface regarding the so-called "great history" of the
> \European.
> Yet again more racist assertions. Most people see this as a human problem.
> Certainly you are not going to claim that people in Africa, for example, are
> free from such nasty habits?
> \White people wonder why people of color are struggling politically,
> \socially, and's because some of your grandfathers,
> \most of yourgreat grandfathers and probably all of your great great
> \grandfathers were the filthy sons of bitches who fucked-up the people of
> \color around the world.
> Tsk tsk more racism.
> \Today, white people are ignoring their history, they don't want to fix the
> \barbaric effects of barbarian fathers.
> \Neely Fuller, in his 1969 copyrighted "The United Independent
> \Compensatory for victims of racism (white supremacy), states, "Most
> \white people hate Black poeple. The reason that most white people hate
> \Black people is because whites are not black people. If you know this
> \about white people, you need to know little else. If you do not know this
> \about white people, virtually all else that you know about them will only
> \confuse you."
> Yes this is from The Isis Papers by Francis Welsing (dedication)
> No doubt people are asking themselves: Who is Francis Welsing?
> Welsing is a member of a group that are "sometimes called the 'melanin
> scholars' or 'KMWR [pronounced *khemware*, after Kemet, the name for
> Egypt] Scientific Consortium [that are] providing a 'scientific' rationale for
> Afrocentricity." (Skeptical Inquirer Vol. 16 p163)
> Melanism
> In chapter 19, The Neurochemical Basis for Evil, Welsing states that white
> people, because of the absence of melanin, lack the capacity to properly
> assess good and evil.
> "...I posited melanin, among other things, as a possible
> neurotransmitter and the skin melanocytes as the foundation
> of the sixth sense - the basis for knowledge of the unseen,
> including a deeper knowledge of 'bad'." (p 233, Welsing)
> Welsing goes on to say:
> " own thesis that the absence of neuropeptide
> melanin- the absence of this black pigment in the skin and
> other aspects of the nervous system - critically impairs the
> depth sensitivity of the nervous system and the ability to
> tune in to the total spectrum of energy frequencies in the
> universe rendering those lacking melanin incapable of
> acting in harmony with those frequencies, then it becomes in
> incumbent upon those possessing melanin to counteract the
> evil." (p238, Welsing)
> Not only does she claim super powers bestowed by melanin, she calls upon
> those so endowed "to counteract the evil" by "whatever means
> necessary".
> \Why do white people hate black people so much? With all the
> \historical data available, white people should be begging for forgiveness.
> \To take Fuller's account a step further, it should be noted that, in
> \the majority of instances, any neurotic drive for superiority usually is
> \founded upon a deep and pervading sense of inadequacy and inferiority
> \(Welsing, Dr. Frances Cress, 1991:4).
> The reasoning behind this is truly amazing.
> "White skin is a form of albinism. There is no difference, microscopically
> speaking, between the white skin of a white person and the skin of a
> person designated as an albino. My central thesis here is that white
> skinned peoples came into existence thousands of years ago as the albino
> mutant offsprings of black-skinned mothers and fathers in Africa. A
> sizable number of these black parents had produced, rejected and then cast
> out of the community their genetic defective albino offspring, to live
> away from the normal black skin-pigmented population with the awareness
> of their rejection and *alienation* [her emphasis] (as in leper colonies)." (p
> 23, Welsing)
> \Do something which would benefit the entire world and all of its
> \people of color....research the origin of hate and trickery in white people!!
> \Using this type of data will provide accurate extrapolations regarding the
> \current situation of the world's People of Color.
> \What put me into motion on this topic?? The answer... J.Philippe Ruston
> \and other like-minded people. I would LOVE to BEAT the shit out of these
> \guys. Some may say I'm proving his theories but, if I can get rid of this
> \diseased thinker, so what. I'll take out as many as I can. The children of
> \People of Color don't deserve the type of bad press Ruston is attempting
> \to deliver.
> The "others", you know the "white people", don't need your and Welsing's
> kind of racism
> \All replies welcomed. Please read Rushton's post prior to sending e-
> \mail.
> \ hope this doesn't get me into trouble Hugh but, if it does...Fuck it!
> \Throw me off the system if that makes everyone feel better, because as
> \long as there are people like J. Philippe Rushton participating on this list,
> \I will continue to offer my heart felt responses.
> \Die Rushton, fucking pig.
> \ With love and kisses,
> \ Sherwin P. Hicks