Rushton on neuroscience?

Alexandre Enkerli (alexandre.enkerli@IMM.UNIL.CH)
Thu, 20 Oct 1994 10:26:18 +0100

Wow! Did any of view this little comment from Rushton in a message about
> The debate is between
>people like me who advocate a 50/50 genetic/environmental causation and
>those like my critics who advocate, in effect, a 100 percent environmentalist
>perspective for racial group differences.
If Rushton "advocates a 50/50 genetic/environmental causation", then, I
might be Bart Simpson. Come on! Where did this come from? All of a
sudden, the people who "advocate a 50/50 genetic/environmental causation"
are on Rushton's side? And all of the others advocate a 100%
environnmentalist perspective? Wow! Is this guy a teacher, payed by (our)
canadian government? I'd like to see psychologists from U. of Western
Ontario tell us he just have an email account there or something. Oh, but
he still got fundings (huge one) from the Frontier Foundation? Well, I'm
Say, Rushton (you're introductory phrase is "Rushton here" so...), do you
really "advocate a 50/50 genetic/environmental causation"? If so, tell us
about it! Don't go around giving us the idea that you're advocating pure
(and dogmatic) biological determinism!! Maybe we could even agree with you
if you really "advocate a 50/50 genetic/environmental causation"!!!

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