Re: Race, Evolution, and Behavior

Wed, 19 Oct 1994 01:05:04 +0000

I did not realize that "Dr. Rushton" was on this list. I thought we were
just being spammed. (Is he? You have to be in order to post, right Hugh?)

> J. Philippe Rushton here to apologize for any true breach of etiquette
>of the rules regarding advertising. On other lists book announcements,
>including price and how to order are occasionally posted. I thought
>a book about race was prime for discussion on this network. My book
>challenges the prevailing paradigm of human nature, offers an integration
>of social and biological sciences in the mode of E. O. Wilson's
>Sociobiology, as well as providing some worldwide data on race differences.
>Hope this isn't construed as another ad.

It's not. But I thought the major credit cards were a nice touch. Umm, Mr.
Rushton, if you are on this list, has E.O. Wilson endorsed your work? It
seems to be a bit beyond sociobiology. Just curious.

> In passing, I am a psychologist and we are sometimes fractious.

(Why are you guys always psychologists? I think Donald Cameron, of "queers
are gonna bring down our civilization" fame, is too.)

> But
>anthropologists are offscale! I have only been on the net four days and
>have seen numerous attempts to censor each other. Not disagree, but STOP!

Well, hey, I'm not gonna censor you, but I'd like to see you put your money
where your mouth is. I got a couple quick questions:

1. Do you receive money from the Pioneer Foundation? What do you think
about eugenics?

2. If Mongoloids-Caucasians-Negroids are on some kind of inverse
sexuality/aggressiveness versus sociability/intellectuality scale:
A) Where on the genome are these traits supposedly located? Is there any
reason why they should be inversely related?
B) Where do you put, say, Native Americans, Pacific Island peoples,
Aborigines, and other people who don't quite fit in the "Big Three?"
(Oh yeah. Jews. Where do you put us? This one I want to see.)
C) Do you assume that people in these three groups are incapable of
passing genes to each other through intermarriage? Just wondering.

3. Could you perhaps go into more detail as to how an Ice Age would produce
these divergent adaptations in the three "races"? To call your theory
"pseudoscience"... well, OK, I won't go into flame mode.

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