dumb dumb dumb

Mike Lieber (U28550@UICVM.BITNET)
Wed, 19 Oct 1994 07:57:38 CDT

I was busy yesterday. Three posts on Rushton Limbaugh. Boy am I going to
show him. Boy am I DUMB!!!

Did this jerk ever post anything or engage anyone in anthropological discussion
before he had this book to sell? Four days after the original ad and there's
a thread with him at the center. This thread will play out when people get
tired of it. Does anyone think that the Adman is going to stick around on this
list discussing Mongols with Dan Foss, sustainable technologies with Trish Clay
or war with Mike Salovesh? What does this jerk have to gain from subscription
to this list--knowledge about what's going on in anthropology? What better
free advertising can anyone get for their book than being the center of a
thread? Advertizing will make it happen. I knew that, and I bit anyway. Dumb
dumb dumb. The rest of you guys want to help El Jagoff sell his book, then be
my guest. I'm out.
Mike Lieber