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I thought you might like to hear that some seemingly rational survivors are
adamantly struggling to regain the upper hand over the current onslaught of
pseudoscientists and opportunist irrationalists. Especially, most especially
those who believe they are clever, creative and original, and despise the
conscientious student who believes science is a serious matter which demands
a lot of reading, permanent learning, a rigorous attitude towards empirical
grounds, and a great deal of self-criticism (which implies one's conviction
that one is never clever enough).

SCIENCE (vol. 265), 9 September 1994, page 1508, published the following


* John Maddox said so in "Nature" (vol.368)
* Gerald Holton said so in "Science and Anti-Science"
* Richard S. Nicholson said so in "Science" (vol.261)
* Paul R Gross and Norman Levitt said so in "Higher Superstition"

Formerly the attacks came from outside the academic and scientific
disciplines. Increasingly, now, they come from within.
These attacks are dangerous:
* They undermine public confidence
* They alter directions of research
* They affect funding
* They subvert the standards of reason and proof

THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SCHOLARS is an organization of academics and
independent scholars formed to combat the irrationality and politicization
now thriving in university life.

Our conference on "Objectivity and Truth in the Natural Sciences, the Social
Sciences and the Humanities" will take place November 11-13 at the Boston
Marriott, Cambridge. Among our speakers are:

* Steven Weinberg, Nobel Laureate in Physics, University of Texas
* Gerald Holton, Mallinkrodt Professor of Physics, Harvard University
* Paul R. Gross, Professor of Life Sciences, University of Virginia
* Gerald Weissmann, New York University Medical School
* Michael McElroy, Dept. of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard

For information about the conference, NAS membership, or our journal,
"Academic Questions", write to:

National Association of Scholars
575 Ewing Street
Princeton, New Jersey 08540-2741
609 683 7878
fax: 609 683 0316

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