Re: Race differences

David DeGusta (degusta@UCLINK.BERKELEY.EDU)
Tue, 18 Oct 1994 22:34:35 -0800

> The postings linking race research to Hitler and Nazis is not
>acceptable. Are my opponents to be linked in retaliation to
>Stalin and the Gulags which killed millions in the name of
>environmentalstic theories of human nature? Fanatical idealism and
>totalitarianism are lethal combinations in all guises, even religious
>ones. So lets stick to the data.

Readers of Anthro-L interested in a closer look at some of the data
on this matter may want to take a look at the October 20, 1994 issue of
Rolling Stone magazine. It has a full-length article (7 pages) called,
"Academia's Dirty Secret: Professors of Hate," by Adam Miller. One of the
three people profiled is J. Phillipe Rushton. In my opinion, it is a good
piece of investigative journalism, and has a nice quote from C. Loring
Brace regarding head size, intelligence, and Rushton's work.
David DeGusta
Department of Anthropology
University of California, Berkeley