Race differences

J. Philippe Rushton (RUSHTON@SSCL.UWO.CA)
Tue, 18 Oct 1994 20:32:42 -0400

acceptable. Are my opponents to be linked in retaliation to
Stalin and the Gulags which killed millions in the name of
environmentalstic theories of human nature? Fanatical idealism and
totalitarianism are lethal combinations in all guises, even religious
ones. So lets stick to the data.

Minimal evidence of genetic effects? Transracial adoption studies
reviewed in my book show Korean children adopted by white parents
score above their adopted countries norms. African ancestry children
score below a white countries norms in most but not all studies.

There are also some complex statistical data of a psychometric type
making it very, very likely that black/white IQ scores in the US are
genetic which I will go into if there is interest.

Finally, there is historical evidence from cultural achievements
like inventing numbering systems, alphabets, calendars, paper money,
clothing, two-story dwellings, wheels, etc. China>Europe>Africa.

There are also predictions about future economic/scientific
progress. China and Korea may become space travellers; Nigeria and
Kenya will not.

Sorry for the unpalatable truth.