Anthropology of London/British Isles

Tue, 18 Oct 1994 16:09:24 -0600

My college, Lawrence University (in Wisconsin), maintains a center in London,
and we usually have about 25 students there each term. The curriculum usually
concentrates on art history, British literature, and British politics, and is
taught partly by Lawrence people "visiting" the center and partly by local
British scholars. This year we would like to add an anthropology course,
either on the ethnography of the British Isles or an anthropology or sociology
course on urban London and ethnicity in the city.

We are looking for a local (London or nearby) anthropologist or sociologist who
could teach one or the other of those courses, or something similar. If anyone
knows of people who might be interested, or people who we could contact for
help in locating a good person, please let me know.


George Saunders
Department of Anthropology
Lawrence University