Re: More on "Hooks"

Rebecca Joseph (josephr@IIA.ORG)
Mon, 17 Oct 1994 11:45:24 -0400

As a anthropologist functioning essentially as an internal consultant
within a federal agency, I spend a lot of time "selling" anthropology to
manager/clients. What they most often want to know is 1) do I understand
their problems?, 2) can I make concrete, cost-effective recommendations
in timely manner. Unfortunately, perhaps, few are interested in the joys
of the discipline (including its unique qualities). Very rarely does any
ask what professional background, other than working on similar projects,
I bring to the work.

I think the best "hook" is knowing as much as you can about the
organization you want to work for/with, so that you can answer those two
critical questions in a fresh way.

Best wishes!

Becky Joseph
Regional Anthropologist
North Atlantic Region
Nationnal Park Service