Anthro-l Policy on Ads (cc: J.P. Rushton & Anthro-l)

Sun, 16 Oct 1994 19:39:08 EDT

Mr. Rushton, as a new subscriber to our list, you are likely not aware
that our policy (stated monthly in a notice to the list) is that the
placing of advertisements to anthro-l is *not* acceptable. In certain
cases, where the information is of direct relevance to an ongoing topic
of dicussion, an announcement of the availability of information, as
in the case of a book that you may have published, may be allowable.

However, this is clearly not the case here. I will caution you against
such activity and ask that you refrain from doing so in future. For
your information, our policy is typical of the Internet, particularly
listserv lists, and I suggest you contact the owners of a list before
you consider taking such a course of action in the future. These
comments should not be interpreted as control over freedom of speech.
You are welcome to post your opinions to this list, so long as they
are not slanderous, and are conducive to friendly discussion along
topics related to anthropology. For your further enlightenment about
anthro-l, I will send you the monthly message we post to the list.
Thank you for joining anthro-l,

Hugh Jarvis

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