The Running Horse Foundation

Deward E. Walker Jr. (walkerde@SPOT.COLORADO.EDU)
Fri, 14 Oct 1994 11:37:24 -0600

October 14, 1994

Dear Friends:

The Running Horse Foundation is a non-profit corporation incorporated
under the laws of the State of Colorado. Although we do not believe
land can be owned, the Running Horse Foundation is dedicated to the
protection of American Indian spirituality by purchasing land in the
name of "the unborn man and woman" in order to provide a place for
present and future generations to practice traditional ways, respecting
and honoring our ancestors, Grandmother Earth, all animals, plants,
and living creatures in a sincere, accepting, and humble way.

Arkansas Mountain is located in Boulder County, Colorado. It is and
has been a sacred place for American Indians who come to the Mountain
to worship their ancestors. Yet, this sacred place is in danger of
destruction through the development of houses on the Mountain.

The pressure to develop and alter our pristine Earth in the name
of profit is tremendous. In order to save Arkansas Mountain from
impending development we must raise $50,000. We need your help to
accomplish our goal of purchasing land located on Arkansas Mountain
so that we can preserve this sacred place -- free from development
of any kind -- for our children. Your contribution is essential
to our cause.

We are in the process of filing for federal tax exemption under
section 501(c)(3) of the United States Tax Code, and expect that
we will receive it. Your contribution to The Running Horse
Foundation will be tax deductible when we receive our tax exempt
status. We will keep you advised of our progress in this regard.

Please help us save Grandmother Earth. Your contribution may be sent to:

The Running Horse Foundation
c/o Greene, Meyer & McElroy, P.C.
1007 Pearl Street
Suite 220
Boulder, CO 80302

Please make all contributions payable to The Running Horse Foundation.
Thank you.

Bruce J. Woodhull, President
The Running Horse Foundation
Federal Employer Identification No. 84-1260548