AA on Anthro-L

Fri, 14 Oct 1994 10:28:58 EDT

Hugh Jarvis' request that we cease and desist from discussing the
latest issue of a major scholarly journal has pulled me out of my hole!
What could be more appropriate for Anthro-L than debate about the
contents and direction of the American Anthropologist? I bet the current
issue and subsequent ones will be much more widely read as a result of
its discussion here. I remember when the AA was MUST reading for anyone
who professed to be an anthropologist---I don't think it's held that status
for awhile. I am not as suspicious as Dwight Read regarding Hugh Jarvis'
reasons for requesting a suspension/cessation of talk re the Tedlocks and
the AA but I would like to hear his response to the hornets' nest that's
been stirred up.