future of AA on anthro-l

Thu, 13 Oct 1994 21:58:16 CDT

Hugh and a few others put this list together and they have, I think, a
right and a responsibility to moderate the list. I think Hugh is wrong when
he says the conversation is turning wnthro-l into a political mouthpiece
for a point of view in AAA, but if he feels that there is a one sidedness
to the discussion he has a right to ask us to take it elsewhere. I am
happy to do so if asked, and I believe we have been. The current dis-
cussion, about the propriety of asking us to get off the list, has more
to do with what the owners consider appropriate than it does with what we
want to talk about. They becoem responsible for our patter just as we are
responsible for indivicual statements that we make on the list.