Any suggestions

Solly, Hilary (H.Solly@SHEFFIELD-HALLAM.AC.UK)
Thu, 13 Oct 1994 17:34:00 0BS

I am currently doing an MA at Manchester University, England. I am planning
to do my dissertation on the way tribal people have been and continue to be
portrayed, both historically when they were "savages" and "primitives" more
recently as having tribal wisdom and possessing qualities that are missing
from the the lives of those living in industrialised societies. I
particularly want to look at how this modern day image of tribal people is
marketed in the West eg the Body Shop. Oh yes, and I want to concentrate on
the Amazonian Indians. Has anyone got any suggestions of reading material,
films, photography etc that might be useful? If you want to respond to me
personally my e-mail address is . I'd be grateful for any
information you might think was useful.