Sororities/Fraternities Bibliography

Eric Silverman (ERICS@DEPAUW.EDU)
Mon, 10 Oct 1994 11:50:24 -0500

Here are the replies I received about anthropological studies of university
fraternities and sororities; some respondents requested that I post this

Sardenberg, C. and Donnellan, D. "A different kind of nunnery," in
Gordon and Williams (eds.), Exploring Total Institutions,
Champaign, IL: Stipes, 1977.
Scott, "Sororities and the Husband Game," in Spradley and McCurdy (ed),
Conformity and Conflict ( in one of the older editions).
Gregor, "No girls allowed," Science, Dec. 1982.
A film, uncertain title, reviewed last year or so in AA.
Perhaps this is the same, or another, film: Salamanders: A Night at the Phi
Delta House (Penn State has it)
Sanday, Fraternity Gang Rape (which most respondents mentioned)
Stombler, "Little Sisters," Jour. Cont. Ethno, July 1994.
Schwartz and Merten, AA 70 (1968); on high school girls' initiation ceremonies.
Brunvand, The Study of American Folklore (NY: Norton, 1986), esp. pp. 513-15
in the article "The Folklore of the Academe," by folklorist B. Toelken.
C. Mason, "Sorority Serenading: Its pretext and Defense," Jour. Folklore
and Mythological Studies (UCLA), v. 1 (1977) 51-52.
Moira Smith's PhD diss. on cappng in New Zealand; check esp. the bib. (done
in Folklore dept, Indiana Univ, or Folklore dept, Univ. Penn; 1992 or 92)
C. McLemore's PhD diss., 1991, Lingustics, Univ. texas-Austin; on sorority
girls' speech patterns; she is currently writing a book on it; has been
widely cited in media (e.g., All Things Considered).
M. Moffat, Coming of Age in New Jersey: College and American Culture,

That's the lot. Thanks to all who responded. If any others have
suggestions, why not post them to the entire net.

Eric Silverman
DePauw Univ.
Greencastle, IN 46135