New Am. Anth. letter

Fri, 7 Oct 1994 14:31:13 CDT

I have written and will get in the mail on Monday a letter to Wendy
Ashmore (UPenn), chair of the AAA's Committee on Scientific
Communication, voicing my concerns about American Anthropologist
under the editorship of the Tedlocks. In my letter I try to be
very clear that my objection is not with their particular theoretical
stance, but with the heavy editorial hand they are taking.

I am sending copies of the letter to the other members of the Committee
(David Frayer, Helan Page, Sara A. Quandt, Naomi Quinn, Joan Vincent,
and Duane Anderson), as well as to the AAA board. The names of
the AAA board members are printed on the inside of the cover of each
issue of AA (this much has not changed).

I urge all of you have also expressed a concern with the new
American Anthropologist to also write letters to Ashmore. Here is
her address:

Department of Anthropology
University of Pennsylvania
325 University Museum
33rd and Spruce Streets
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6398


Lee Cronk
Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-4352
Office: 409-847-9254
Fax: 409-845-4070