HELP--it may be worth your while

Mike Lieber (U28550@UICVM.BITNET)
Thu, 6 Oct 1994 20:26:59 CDT

I just got a note from someone in our Business School (U. of Illinois, Chicago)
asking if there were any anthropologists working with or interested in the
study of employee-owned companies (e.g., United Airlines, etc.). I have no
idea whatever if there is such an interest. What strikes me first is that
the Business School would turn to anthropologists for something like this in
the first place. I find that VERY encouraging--and we have been talking about
things like this (under the rubric of applied anthropology) in one way or
another for a while now. Eve Pinsker made the point on the Net some time ago
that anthropology is going to have to be shown to be relevant to a wider
audience--yes indeed, advertized and sold. The anthro department at UIC has
gotten a good deal of press lately for some important scholarly work but also
for several high profile contributions to the local community. That is why
the Business School contacted me.

I turn to you for information that you might have. Obviously, who else would
I turn to when I need information quickly from a large pool of anthropological
experience? I will cite not only your information in my communication with the
business folks, but also the source of the information. It is important that
these folks know that we communicate aggressively with one another and pool
information on an as-needed basis.

You may communicate with me directly or post to the Net (I prefer the latter),
though I will thank each contributor personally off-line in either case.
Thanks in advance.
Mike Lieber