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Thu, 6 Oct 1994 20:06:38 EDT

For your edification, there are a number of related listserver lists
and newsfeed services which deal in anthropological topics. This list
is not all-inclusive, so please feel free to tell me about other ones.
To search for lists you might be interested in, mail LISTSERV@UBVM (or
your local listserver) the message LIST GLOBAL /xxxx (substituting the
search string for the xxxx). As usual, send any comments to me at
ANTOWNER@UBVM. Thanks. (Some of these items were compiled with the aid
of Allen H. Lutins <>.)


Generally, to subscribe to a list, send the command SUB list_name
your_name, to LISTSERV@address. If that fails, contact the listowner.
Each list has its own rules about who can join and post, but most are
open to all.

Compiled By: allen h. lutins (
Release: 5.0 Updated: June 1994

AEGEANET -- Pre-Classical Aegean World
apply to (message: "subscribe aegeanet")
messages to:

ANCIEN-L@ulkyvm.bitnet History of the Ancient Mediterranean
owner: Jim Cocks jacock01@ulkyvm.bitnet Archaeological Institute of America List
owner: Nick Eiteljorg Discussion List for Information Specialists in
Anthropology, Sociology and Related Fields
owner: Steve MacLeod General Anthropology Bulletin Board
owner: Hugh Jarvis and Ezra Zubrow antowner@ubvm etc. Archaeology List
owner: David Carlson Discussions and exchange of information in
European archaeological theory: social theory, material culture,
epistemology, the past in the present,cultural identity, and history
Subscribe to:
with the text line: join arch-theory <yourname>
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AEGEANET -- Pre-Classical Aegean World
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ARTIFACT -- Material culture study/methods
Subscribe to: listserv@umdd.bitnet
Owner: Jo Paoletti Official List of the Assoc. for Social
Anthropologists in Oceania
owner: Mike Lieber
owner: Dan Jorgenson
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AZTLAN@ulkyvm Pre-Columbian History List
owner: Jim Cocks
subscribe to listserv@ulkyvm.bitnet

CELTIC-L@irlearn.bitnet Celtic Culture List
Owner: Seamus MacConaonaigh

COLORCAT - Color categorization list
Subscribe to LISTSERV@BrownVM.bitnet or
Owner: RMOORE@BROWNVM (Robert Moore)
Owner: DAMILLER@BROWNVM (David Miller)

CROSS-L@uminn1.bitnet Cross Cultural Research in Information
owner: Roberto Evaristo evaristo@umnsom.bitnet Cultural Evolution List
owner: Robert J. O'Hara
subscribe to

DEVEL-L -- Technology transfer in international development
apply to listserv@auvm.bitnet Early East Asian Archaeology and History
owner: History of East Asian Science Discussion Group

EJVC-L@kentvm.bitnet Electronic Journal on Virtual Culture
owner: Dianne Kovacs dkovacs@kentvm.bitnet

ETHMUS-L@umdd.bitnet Ethno Forum, a Global Ethnomusicology Forum
owner: Karl Signell signell@umdd.bitnet

ETHNET-L@ysub.bitnet Irish & British Ethnographic Research List
owner: Mark Shutes
owner: Lee Komito

ETHNO -- Ethnomethodology/conversation analysis
apply to comserve@rpiecs.bitnet
messages to ethno@rpiecs.bitnet

ETHNOHIS@hearn.bitnet General Ethnology and History Discussion List
owner: Fred Melssen u211610@hnykun11.bitnet

FOLKLORE@TAMVM1 Folklore Discussion List
owner: Mark Glazer
owner: Mary Rose
subscribe to listserv@tamvm1

HISTARCH@asucad Historical Archaeology List
Subscribe to listserv@asuacad.bitnet or

HUMANIST@brownvm.bitnet Humantities Computing
owner: Elaine Brennan editors@brownvm.bitnet
owner: Allen Renear editors@brownvm.bitnet

HUMBIO-L@ACC.FAU.EDU Human Biology Discussion List
subscribe to

HUMEVO@gwuvm.bitnet Human Evolutionary Research Discussion List
owner: Noel T. Boaz boaz@gwuvm.bitnet
subscribe to listserv@gwuvm.bitnet

H-WORLD HNET List for world history
Subscribe to
Owner: D Segal

INTERCUL@RPIECS Intercultural Communication Discussion List
owner: support@rpitsvm.bitnet Comserve Support Staff
subscribe to comserv@rpiecs.bitnet "join intercul John Doe"

JWA Journal of World Anthropology ISSN 1075-2579
Editor: Hugh Jarvis
Subscribe to
Articles available by gopher to, or through listserver
(send index jwa to

LINGUIST The Linguist Discussion List

LORE@ndsuvm1.bitnet -- Folklore
subscribe to listserv@ndsuvm1.bitnet
owner: Pat Carey

LT-ANTIQ Late Antiquity List (ca. AD 260-640)

MAPC@utoronto Materialist Anthropology and the Production of
Culture Workshop
owner: Albert Schrauwers

MEDIEV-L@ukanvm.bitnet Medieval Discussion List
Owner: Lynn Nelson Museum Discussion List
owner: John Chadwick chadwick@unmb.bitnet
subscribe to listserv@unmvm

NATIVE-Net, a group of lists dealing with aboriginal issues: General Information Exchange General Discussion Post-1492 Issues Aboriginal Language Issues Aboriginal Health Aboriginal Education Issues
owner: Gary S. Trujillo

NEAA Northeast Anthropological Association List
Subscribe to:
Owner: Raymond Bucko

NEW-LIST@irlearn.bitnet or @ndsuvm1.bitnet New List Announcements
coordinator: Marty Hoag info@ndsuvm1.bitnet

PACARC-L@wsuvm1.bitnet Pacific Rim Archaeology Interest List
owner: Dale Croes croes@wsuvm1.bitnet

PAN@gwuvm.bitnet Physical Anthropology News List
owner: Noel T. Boaz boaz@gwuvm.bitnet Quaternary Science Research List
owner: Dave Liverman Rock Art Discussion List
owner: Peter Welsh
owner: Leslie Nelson

SAS-DEPOT Society for Archaeological Sciences Database
anonymous ftp to (subdirectory sas)

SAS-NET ARCHSCI@FANDM Society for Archaeological Sciences List
(for members of SAS primarily, but questions and info are welcome)
owner: Jim Burton

XCULT-X@UMRVMB Intercultural Communication
subscribe to listserv@umrvmb

WMST-L Women's Studies List

USENET NEWSGROUPS==================================================

You don't subscribe directly to these "lists". Instead, you must
follow your local operating system regarding newsfeeds.

ALT.NATIVE Native American Issues
REC.FOOD.HISTORIC Historic Food Issues
SCI.ANTHROPOLOGY Anthropology Newsfeed
SCI.ANTHROPOLOGY.PALEO Paleontology Newsfeed
SCI.ARCHAEOLOGY Archaeology Newsfeed
SCI.ARCHAEOLOGY.MESOAMERICAN Mesoamerican Archaeology Feed
SCI.LANG Linguistics Newsfeed
SOC.MISC Miscellaneous social issues
SOC.* A plethora of cultural issues lists by region


ANN Anthropology News Network (not a list, contact owner for info)
owner: Fred Skanes (Ann Rep)

ANTHAP Applied Anthropology Computer Network
owner: James Dow
gopher address:
ftp: cd /anthap

ARCHNET - Archaeological Database at University of Connecticut
contact: Jonathan M. Lizee
contact: Tom Plunkett (System Support & registration of data)
gopher to: /Academic/Social Sciences/Anthropology
World Wide Web

NADB - National Archaeological Database
telnet to: or (Internet only!)
at login: type nadb (no caps).
contact: Archaeological Assistance Division 202-343-4101

ROCKS-N-FOSSILS Rock, fossil, mineral, and associated archaeology list
contact: Sharon Shea
address: subscribe rocks-and-fossils

MCMI - Material Culture Management Inc.
Dial-up: 905-526-1657
Contact: Joseph Muller (Technical)
Contact: J. Fisher (Admin.)

CARL UNCOVER - Table of contents & associated info on 14000 arts/sciences
journals from 1989 onward, English language or multilanguage only
Telnet to:
Gopher to:
choose: Libraries, CARL Uncover, (terminal type), and Uncover
can be hard to exit, but try "quit (q)", and "//exit" at search option

Other Anthro-l features:
WEDA World Email Directory of Anthropologists
send command get weda directry to
or gopher to and search under the following
menu selections: Academic/Departments/Anthropology/WEDA

Several offerings from Michael Pfeiffer
ETHNO BIB Ethnobotany and Ethnopaleobotany Bibliography
send command get etyno bib to
POINT BIB Projectile Point Bibliography
send command get ethno bib to
or gopher to and search under the following
menu selections: Academic/Departments/Anthropology/Bibliographies


The following information is courtesy of Allen H. Lutins

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /pub/special/NativeProfs/usenet
Native American information /pub/FWDP
Fourth World Documentation Project--Information on indigenous peoples /pub/archaeology [?]
Archaeology software; "World Archaeological Council News" /pub/linguistics
Linguistics archive: syllabi, handouts, fonts, lexica, software, papers,
digests, more! /public/calib
Radiocarbon calibration program for IBMs /Archaeometry
Archaeology software; Use "cd [.archaeometry]" /info/Government/US/Cesus-90
Census information
* USGS maps /pub/msdos/mapping
GIS software (OzGIS) /misc/misc
State Dept. travel Advisories /pub/vatican.exhibit & pub/deadsea.scrolls.exhibit
On-line museum exhibits /pub/map
USGS maps, census data, etc. /hcf
"Computing & Humanities"
(Chronicle of Higher Education; new is
extensive digest with articles, listings of jobs, conferences, grants,
etc.) Server:

Anthropology information
Server: 7000 select `Archaeology Academics' from the
phone book.
Server:; s common interest'

Archaeology information/software
Server:; select item 4 (Archaeology)

Archnet (Prehistoric archaeology of the northeast)
Server: [OR use World Wide Web server; see below]

Classics and Archaeology

Historical documents
Server:; select items 7 (The Library), then 3
(Electronic Books and Other Texts), then 19 (Historical Documents).

Library of Congress Machine-Assisted Realization of the Virtual
Electronic Library
Server:; or telnet to and login as

Native American Issues and Culture

Primate Information Net

UC-Berkeley Museum

USGS data & reports
Server:; select the following menu choices
from each succeeding menu: 13 (search/retrieve software), 8 (search/
retreive graphics), 3 (search all), then 2 (graphics software).

Archnet (Prehistoric archaeology of the northeast)
Server: [or use gopher
server; see above]

Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology World Wide Web server


UC-Berkeley Museum of Paleontology hypertext server

Anthropology News Network
Makes anthropological perspectives on news and issues available to the
public; write to (Daniel Stephens) for more

Coombspapers Data Bank
Electronic repository of social science & humanities research papers &
documents; ftp to & get file INDEX from directory
`coombspapers' (available via Gopher as well).

World Systems Archive
Announcements, documents, data, biographical and publications info;
ftp to and connect to directory `wsystems'.

National Archaeological Database
Telnet to

The Internet Companion, A Beginner's Guide To Global Networking
by Tracy LaQuey with Jeanne C. Ryer. Addison-Wesley Publishing.
Includes a detailed history of the Internet, a discussion on "netiquette"
(network etiquette), and how to find resources on the net.

The Whole Internet
by Ed Krol. O'Reilly & Assoc. ISBN: 1-56592-025-2. 400 pages. $24.95 US.
Covers basic utilities used to access the network and then guides users
through the Internet's "databases of databases" to access the millions of
files and thousands of archives available; from the folks who brought you
"The Whole Earth Catalog."

Zen & the Art of Internet
by Brendan Kehoe. Prentice Hall ISBN: 0-13-010778-6. 112 pages. $22.00 US
A good reference to consult if you're curious about what can be done with
the Internet.

The Internet Guide for New Users
McGraw-Hill, 1993.
Discusses telnet, FTP, and Archie, and suggests how to get an Internet
account; teaches enough UNIX to survive on the net.

A Student's Guide to UNIX
by Harley Hahn. McGraw Hill (College Division). ISBN: 0-07-025511-3.
Everything you need to know about the Unix operating system and the
Internet, including Unix commands, utilities, netnews, ftp, gopher, etc.


One final source of information on the net is contained within a resource
called the Internet Resources for Heritage Conservation, Historic
Preservation and Archaeology. This is available from Peter Stott Also, version 2.0 (28 February 1994) is available
as the file anthro-l stott from