Dr. Richard Cassin (cassin@SANTAFE.EDU)
Wed, 5 Oct 1994 21:22:57 -0600

A number of you have expressed an interest in establishing a
mailing list which focuses on Nautical Archaeology and
"Submerged Cultural Resources Management", for currently
there is no electronic meeting-place where members of the
nautical - or marine - archaeology community can interact in
a special-interest environment. I suspect that there may be
500 or more of us who might be interested in participating.
At this point, I am developing an e-mail address list of
those of you who have expressed interest, or who might be
interested by virtue of your academic or professional
position. Once I have a core list of addresses, we will set
up a listserver and start talking to one another a little
more about our research, projects, expeditions, jobs, etc.
There is no doubt in my mind that there is a serious need
for such a forum, and that it will enrich us all
professionally and intellectually.

If you agree, and would be interested in subscribing to
NAUTARCH, please drop me a VERY brief note (please ... only
one or two lines) to that effect. Additional addresses would
also be appreciated.

(Apologies for multiple copies due to cross-posting)


Richard C. Cassin, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Ocean Sciences Research Institute
San Diego, CA, USA