Attn: NEAA members!!

Jacobs Kenneth (jacobsk@ERE.UMONTREAL.CA)
Wed, 5 Oct 1994 17:51:14 -0400

My apologies to those on the List who are not (yet?) members of the North-
eastern Anthropological Association (NEAA). As those of you who *are*
members should be aware, there is an up-coming referendum on NEAA's future
within the American Anthropological Association. The purpose of this message
is to remind you that NEAA has its own List, which could and should serve as
a forum for discussing the referendum.

To subscribe to the NEAA list, send a message to:

On the Subject line of the message, write:

New Subscription

On the first and *only* line of the text, write:


If you're already on the NEAA list, remember that all comments for
distribution are to be sent to:


Thanks to all for your forbearance.

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