Need Funding for Ethnographic Film

Noel Chrisman (noelj@U.WASHINGTON.EDU)
Wed, 5 Oct 1994 13:54:20 -0700

A cross cultural physician friend has an interesting opportunity for a
film and the two of us are looking for funding. I will appreciate
suggestions about where to look.

Here's what is happening. Here in Seattle we have a Laotian family that
has been cursed for 4 generations. The usual practice is for the
stricken young man (this time, two) to have a ceremony and go to the
temple for a few years--the assumption that the curse won't affect
monks. In this case, all this has happened.

The reason for the film is that grandma wants the two young men (ca 20)
to go to Laos for a better ceremony. We could film the healing and other
activities in two countries, same family and a four generation history.
We would need a Laotian-speaking team.

Please send me ideas about where to ask for funding.

Thank you,

Noel Chrisman, University of Washington