Birthing Ritual

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Wed, 5 Oct 1994 14:46:45 +0059

it unusual: when our daughter was born (1989), our midwife offered us the
placenta (this was a hospital/midwife-only birth). Placenta cooking
'parties' are associated with at one level, feminist and/or radical
feminist, lesbian practice, but lots of yuppie/middle class couples are
following in the trend.
10 years ago, women used to elect to take their placentas home "to
prevent the hospital from selling them to pharmeceutical companies". {no
comment as to whether the sales where actually taking place, or just
believed to be occurring}.
There is a scene in the British (BBC?) made for
T.V. film *Threads* [about the advent and aftermath of nuclear war] in
which a mother eats her placenta.
Heather Y-L

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