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thomas fuller carter (tcfuller@UNM.EDU)
Thu, 30 Nov 1995 08:27:29 -0700

On Sat, 25 Nov 1995, David Roland Strong wrote:

> When I went to hear Carlos Fuentes speak at U.T., I was
> blessed with the opportunity to sit next to a professor who lives in
> what I normally call Mexico City. In addition to being bright and
> articulate, she was gorgeous - I hope that's not a sexist thing to
> say. While we were carrying on what I felt was an extremely
> amiable conversation, I mentioned having heard that there are booths
> in Mexico City that dispense oxygen. She laughed and said that was
> in Tokyo, but that she had heard that they also have them in Los
> Angeles. So I began to wonder aloud if they do in fact exist
> anywhere. Now I'm wondering if anyone else has heard of oxygen
> booths being in any city, Tokyo or otherwise. It seems like I've
> read about it as filler in the newspaper, but I've known several
> people who spent time in Japan who never mentioned it, nor have I
> ever seen a picture of one. It's a great idea - I think every
> chemical plant ought to produce at least as much oxygen as it does
> toxic emissions, but since none of them produce any toxic emissions
> that's probably a moot point.
> Peace!
> David Roland Strong
> Austin Texas USA
There was a recent report of oxygen being sold in some cities in China
aired on NPR about two or three days before Thanksgiving that sounds very
much like what you desciribe.

Ciao for Naio