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Wed, 29 Nov 1995 18:08:15 EST

Dear all.

While you/we are gleefully critiquing urban folklore, I recieved the
following post from another listserv that I am reading for research into
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Long live the Nieman-Marcus fable! (I first
saw the message on the internet about 1 1/2 years ago...)

Is anyone aware of any literature looking at CFS from an anthropological
stance/viewpoint? There are overflowing biomedical sources, but I am
interested in looking at CFS from a more critical/anthropological angle.
(From all my compound/words you can see that I am in the most preliminary
stages of research so any suggestions would be wonderfully appreciated. I
do have one article from The Medical Anthropology Quarterly Dec. 1992, but
that is all).

Thank you in advance for any suggestions. You can e-mail me directly or
to the list if you think anyone else may be interested.

I've enjoyed lurking and learning here for the past few months...

Evan. (


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What a remarkably absurd story about the cookie recipe, and understandably
upsetting for you! To do my effort to the cause, I have gleefully passed the
recipe on to other friends on email who are not on this list.

Happy baking!

p.s. I'll make sure to avoid their store, especially the cookies. And if I
ever do find my way in there, I'll make sure to remark loudly how I have the
recipe and would be glad to send it to anyone for the asking!