Pimps 'R' Us and other enterprises

Bosley_J (BosleyJ@ORE.PSB.BLS.GOV)
Wed, 29 Nov 1995 16:03:00 EST

Just received this forwarded from my pal in Hawaii--don't know where he got
it from but thought it interesting how quickly scumbags can adapt to and
adopt new communications technologies to play out their same old sorry
scenarios...kinda depressing. My friend's totally ironic comment--"At last,
some real old-fashioned 'business' on the Internet."

John Bosley
Emily Rose
Reuters contributed to this report.

Tues, Nov. 28, 1995

Reuters contributed to this report.

LONDON - Women from Asia and Eastern Europe are being sold via the
Internet for prostitution and marriage to Western men, researchers

The latest advances in computer technology are being used to provide
details of sex tours - including trips to the Caribbean with "Pimps
'R' Us" - and mail-order brides.

Such material has begun flooding on to the Internet only in the past
few months, according to researcher Donna Hughes at the University of
Bradford in England.

Mail-order bride agencies and escort firms are using the World Wide
Web, which transmits images and sounds.

Users can select a wife from on-screen listings of hundreds of young
Philippine, Thai or Russian women at the click of a mouse or call up
information on world prostitution ranging from street-by-street
directions to price lists for a variety of sex acts and names of

Hughes began documenting the material last summer after stumbling
across it while researching violations of women's human rights.

Among the recent advertisements this weekend was one for Tata, 22,
said to be a "tall and graceful Filipina, very shy, maybe been kissed
once in her life." Another said Natalia, a Belarussian mother of one,
loves cooking and sewing and wants "to do anything to please you."

Potential husbands simply need a credit card to buy addresses or an
agency-arranged package for up to $5,000, including accommodation and

The same agencies often offer sex tours - with comprehensive
information on everything from the weather and taxi fares to drink
prices and mugging risks. Destinations in South America, the Caribbean
and the Far East are illustrated with pictures of women performing sex

Another development demonstrates the speed with which technology is
adapted: Video conferencing is being used to link clients with
prostitutes to direct their own live sex shows.

The extension of the trade in women to the Internet, with more than 25
million users, will increase interest and
"acceptance of these abuses of women," said Hughes, a women's studies
lecturer and researcher for the Coalition Against Trafficking in
Women, a U.N. non-governmental organization.

The coalition will use her findings to support a case for stronger
international laws preventing the trafficking in women, a topic the
European Union will address at a two-day conference in Brussels this
week, starting Friday.