Re: Russell Means; Sea Change

Dorothy J. Cattle (cattledj@WFU.EDU)
Mon, 27 Nov 1995 08:32:12 -0500

I noticed you used quotation marks in your posting concerning an
interview with R. Means. I understood that to mean that you were
directly quoting the article from Modern Maturity, a publication which I
believe requires written permission for use of their articles. Even
though it is the Internet, we are still bound, are we not, by publication
conventions of rights reserved, etc. If you secured permission, it would
have been helpful to put that notice at the beginning or end of your
Also-to other list members-does anyone have an Oxford English
Dictionary on their shelf? If so, can you please look up "sea change"
and let me know what it says. Is The Tempest where it first entered the
language and is the date about 1610 or so [when other "sea" words also
entered into usage]? Just curious.