Re: Cookie Folklore

Dave Rindos (arkeo4@UNIWA.UWA.EDU.AU)
Sun, 26 Nov 1995 07:18:13 +0800

On Sat, 25 Nov 1995, Meredith Bruns wrote:

> Actually, Denise, this really might be an interesting topic. Living in
> NYC, we have our own sets of folklore (alligators in the sewers and
> such), and wonder if our cultural cohorts would like to comment on this
> tradition?

I agree! Can anybody provide some analysis/references for these "highly
contagious" texts? It seems they represent a particularly odd kind of
cultural transmission.... One is forced to wonder why they should exist
at all... but since they do, what aspect/s of cultural transmission are
they exemplfying???

> Anway-I thought the cookie story was real!

"What's 'real' got to do with it, do with it??"



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