ethnography and psychoanalysis

Stephanie Haber-Hirsch (shh4448@IS.NYU.EDU)
Wed, 22 Nov 1995 23:38:40 -0500

Dear anthro-l,

Sorry to be bursting into your family weekend and into the family of
anthro-l subscribers who seem to have gotten even closer after the AAA
meeting which I was unable to attend.

Nevertheless I thought I should try to seek your help in a
project I am working on analyzing the practice of ethnography in terms of
Freudian/Lacanian psychoanalytic models. In particular I am
investigating the occurence of transference in the ethnographic context
but I also interested in Lacan's issue of the "subject supposed to know". I
am not yet ready to test my ideas in this forum but would welcome some
assistance in finding materials either on this subject directly or
anything you might feel would be relevant or helpful. I am already
familiar with Crapanzano's book, Hermes' Dilemma...which has a chapter
specifically devoted to this subject, and one other article by him
entitled "kevin..." but I was wondering if there were any other authors
out there I should be reading. Feel free to be creative in your
suggestions. Have any of you done work in this area?

Please email me either publically or privately at the address listed
below. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Stephanie Marlin-Curiel