Re: AAA Meetings

Meredith Bruns (wumpb@TTACS.TTU.EDU)
Tue, 21 Nov 1995 21:58:44 -0600

HELLO, all I met!

Yes, indeed, I would like to try and put together a story of some sort
about this virtual meeting. Perhaps you could all email me (privately, if
you wish) your reactions to walking into a room full of people you knew
whom you had never met before...and I will work on this. I think, as
anthropologists, that we would have more to say about this than most of
the journalists I read, which is my primary intent. And it would be a lot
more interesting if it included reactions from us all.

What a strange, slightly weird and eerie delight to meet those of you I
did! And business only prevented me from making Friday night as well.

But I know anthropologists have a lot to say about all this. Let's say it.
(You, too, Hugh!)

Merry Bruns
The Center for Anthropology Communications