Net Socialisation - Reply to Carucci

Elizabeth Vance (epoland@OSF1.GMU.EDU)
Tue, 21 Nov 1995 17:38:18 -0500

I'm not taking sides on this, but I did want to point out the irony of
Mr. Carucci's criticism of Ruby. In what, to me, appears to be a
message that should be sent personally, he criticises her for sending
personal messages publicly. Then again, perhaps I have a different idea
of what should be considered a personal message. I do know, however,
that if I'm to be taken to task for something I do, I much prefer it be
sent to me in private, and I prefer to send it in privacy.
Am I the only one that feels that way?

- Elizabeth

> Mr. Carucci said:
> (excerpted for brevity)
> > about newbies on the list!!! ruby who steadfastly refuses to
> > send her personal 3-or-4 liner personal messages directly to
> > the addressee!! no! instead we have become privy to every
> > little cloying message she has sent out.
> > get a clue, ruby; do not lump my opinions in with your
> > phantom majority. i side with rimkus on this one.
> > and PLEASE, ruby, learn to fill in the proper SUBJECT line
> > heading, learn to send private, back-channel mail when it is
> > appropriate, and finally, stop ranting about simple words and
> > stop tyring to revise recent HIStory [oops]!!!
> > thank you.
> > jim carucci.
> >