Re: Net Socialisation -Reply

James Carucci (Carucci@SMTP.LMS.USACE.ARMY.MIL)
Tue, 21 Nov 1995 08:53:51 -0600

i must agree with tom rimkus' analysis of ruby's position on
this list, and her USE of the list. ruby has had a very unique
impact on our communication, i believe. it is a joke, in the
extreme, to see ruby post a note about how she might feel
about newbies on the list!!! ruby who steadfastly refuses to
send her personal 3-or-4 liner personal messages directly to
the addressee!! no! instead we have become privy to every
little cloying message she has sent out.
witness, also, ruby's understanding of the MOST BASIC
fact: she has claimed in her last post that hugh jarvis is the
"moderator" of this list!! come on, ruby: read your FAQs.
while i agree, hugh has done and continues to do a wonderful
job, this list remains UNMODERATED, just as it is clearly
stated in the regular "Statement of Being" our ersatz FAQ.
get a clue, ruby; do not lump my opinions in with your
phantom majority. i side with rimkus on this one.
and PLEASE, ruby, learn to fill in the proper SUBJECT line
heading, learn to send private, back-channel mail when it is
appropriate, and finally, stop ranting about simple words and
stop tyring to revise recent HIStory [oops]!!!
thank you.
jim carucci.