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Archaeologists and Aborigines Working Together

Edited by: Iain Davidson, Christine Lovell-Jones, Robyne Bancroft

Of interest to Aboriginal community groups, archaeologists and anyone with
an interest in Australian history and anthropology, this collection surveys
16 archaeological projects from a diverse range of sites. It illustrates
the superior outcomes that can be achieved when archaeologists and
Aborigines work closely together.

Archaeologists and Aborigines Working Together shows the different styles
of relationships that can develop between researchers and Aboriginal
communities. It shows that by working together all parties achieve results
that are in their interests.

The book's easily-read style is supported by introductions, photographs in
colour and black and white, and maps. Robyne Bancroft's interviews with
Aboriginal participants about their reactions to the projects and posters
provide greater understanding for readers.

This book arises from a conference and subsequent poster session from which
the ultimate achievement was a Code of Ethics for Australian
archaeologists. It was published with assistance from the Australian
Heritage Commision.

* Unique case studies of cooperation between archaeologists and Aborigines
* Illustrated with colour and black and white photographs and maps
* Includes Code of Ethics for Australian archaeologists
* Examples for archaeologists on how to go about working with Aborigines
* Examples for Aboriginal communities of what they can expect from
* Good examples of Australian archaeological projects for students of
all ages

The Editors
Iain Davidson is Head of the Department of Archaeology and
Palaeoanthropology at the University of New England and a past President of
the Australian Archaeological Association. Christine Lovell-Jones is a PhD
candidate in the Department of Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology at the
University of New England. Her prime research interest is the study of
contact sites in Australia. Robyne Bancroft is a past member of the ACT
Heritage Council and is currently on the ACT Women's Council and
undertaking postgraduate studies in Public Policy.

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