BOURDIEU - Discussion of Pierre Bourdieu's philosophy and

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BOURDIEU is an electronic forum for discussion and debate
inspired by the philosophical and sociological thought of
Pierre Bourdieu. BOURDIEU is an open list - all interested
parties are invited and encouraged to take part in posting
and discussion. All topics related to the thought of Pierre
Bourdieu are relevant for discussion on this list. In order
to give an opportunity to a larger audience this list will
be bilingual - discussions can be either in English or in
French or in both.

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info bourdieu

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Discussions approriate for this list include among other
themes the following:

-Bourdieu and the classical sociology (e.g. Marx, Durkheim, Weber)
-Bourdieu in the field French and international philosophy and sociology
-Bourdieu and the critical theory
-Bourdieu's study on education
-Bourdieu and structuralism/poststructuralism
-Bourdieu and masculine domination
-Bourdieu and feminism
-Bourdieu and politics
-Bourdieu and anthropology (kinship, ritual, etc.)
-Bourdieu and body (embodiment)
-Bourdieu and arts (literature, painting, etc.)
-Bourdieu and philosophy
-Bourdieu as a "public scribe"
-Autonomy, role and commitment of intellectuals in society
-Theory and methodology in social sciences
-The status of sociology and sociologists in society
-Power use and abuse in academia
-Cultural, social, symbolic capitals
-Habitus and social classes
-Symbolic violence