Info request: People, parks & development

john temm (chip42@GWIS2.CIRC.GWU.EDU)
Fri, 17 Nov 1995 11:54:42 -0500

Apologies for X-Posts:


I'm a grad student studying anthropology and international development.
I'm currently writing a paper about the effectiveness of protected
area/national park/biosphere reserve schemes in: (1)preserving the
environments they were established to; and (2)doing so without having severe
adverse impacts on local populations; or (3)why they fail to do so. I am
especially interested in finding materials which highlight the ultimate causes
of pressures forcing local people to encroach on reserved lands (as opposed to
_proximate_ causes such as population, fuelwood scarcity, etc.), or which
can refute the convential wisdom that all such encroachment has an extreme
and negative impact.

Stuff I have:
Wells & Brandon, "People & Parks"
West & Brechin, "Resident Peoples and Nat'l Parks"
Kiss, "Living with Wildlife"
Machlis & Tichnell, "State of the World's Parks"
Pathak, "Contested Domains"
?, "Natural Connections"
"Gorillas" Natl Geogr., Oct '95
"Prospects for Coexistence: WIldlife &Local People" Nepal&Weber, AMBIO June95
"Valuing the Rainforest: The Economic value of Nontimber Forest Products
in Ecuador" Grimes, Loomis, Jahnige, AMBIO Nov94
several other marginally related AMBIO articles

Any and all help appreciated!
Thanks in advance,
John (Chip) Temm (202) 544-1105
Grad Student: Int'l Devel
George Washington Univ.
Washington, DC